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Art Project
Also part of the redevelopment plan of the Porticus Aemilia area is an art project of...



Also part of the redevelopment plan of the Porticus Aemilia area is an art project of the renowned Dutch contemporary artist/photographer Krien Clevis, entitled Ti ricordi la Porticus Aemilia?

Contemporary art is increasingly exploring its links with science and with modern society. Krien Clevis has established such links in relation to the Porticus Aemilia site. Her photographs are exposed on site, with the aim of awakening local as well as international tourist awareness of the esthetical, historical and social value of the Testaccio Rione. The life size photo billboards feature ordinary Roman citizens in relation to this specific heritage object. Each of the four photo’s is dedicated to a specific place of memory:

1.  The Wall of the Porticus: represents the past and the presence of this site;

2.  The Church: represents established society;

3.  The Central square: meeting place and melting pot;

4.  The Mattatoio (slaughter house): local lieu de memoire and breeding place for redevelopment.

Krien Clevis (Goirle, Paesi Bassi 1960) is a visual artist/researcher, living and working in Amsterdam. She finished her PhD at the Academy of Arts of Leiden University (2013). Most of her PhD research she did at the Royal Dutch Institute (KNIR) in Rome.

Sincere thanks are due to all those who collaborated in the art project.



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